The mountains in the background. Mount “Sleeping Lion” welcomes us and watching us. Peace and serenity. This way the wine is made.
A kiss, an embrace, a caress upon meeting. Time and beauty are so fleeting… There’s nothing better than a moment so fine. There’s nothing better than drinking a great wine.

Located on the Camino de Santiago, in Navarrete, between two great mountain ranges such as the Sierra Cantabria in the north and the Sierra de la Demanda to the south of La Rioja that provide this so special and favorable climate for the cultivation of vines, is the perfect setting to enjoy the vineyards with a glass of wine and good company at sunset, on the terrace, in the quiet inside where the wine sleeps in barrels, or in the relaxing outdoor.

Nothing more comforting than the peace and freshness of the countryside while being just 7 minutes from the center of Logroño in an area with the best connections. Just at the point where crosses the Camino de Santiago divided highway (A12), with the Basque-Aragonese Motorway (Autopista del Ebro AP-68), at its output 11, Navarrete-Fuenmayor.

We are sensitive to environmental issues, and we have given insulating and that maximize natural light, so we supposed to use 40% less energy.

We are happy to receive you.