Aldonia is much more than a wine

A project focused on three pillars:

  • Maximum respect and care for our vineyard, as part of the environment, based on techniques and natural products because excellence is given by nature.
  • Making and aging combining tradition and innovation with minimal artificial intervention possible.
  • Commitment to our customers with a friendly and familiar treatment.

The importance of the vineyard in front of the process. Wines without hierarchies

n all these years of existence, we have learned to appreciate the vineyard and regain the prominence it deserves, since it is the mother of the wines tasted after.

The road that leads from the vine to the glass is long, but throughout his life, the wine will be marked by the vine that has engendered. Originally, the grape has the genes that largely define the characteristics of wine.

The process is also important, but only helps to improve the bottom line, without having to be a determinant of its quality, as it establishes its genetics, which derives from its origin: the vineyard.

We are not agreed on Crianza or Reserva categories, settled by the Consejo Regulador, because we believe that the most important is the grape. Also because of that, we choose the volume of the barrels and the time spent in barrel depending on each wine and not on external regulations. Because all the grapes are different and every year is different in terms of weather, conditions of ripening, the analytical parameters, etc. we cannot consistently apply the same process to the wine every year.

And, as I said Olivier de Serres (French self-taught (1539-1619) who was one of the first to scientifically study agricultural techniques and to investigate experimentally the improvement): “The genius of the wine is in the vine”.


Second bottle wines

Our grandfather that was a wise man, taught us the elaborate “second bottle wine,” which means that after finishing a bottle, the wine is at a level of quality as well, to invite start other bottle.

In a world where tastes are so globalized and therefore also the brands, we remain committed to maintaining the essence and elegance that has always differentiated to Rioja, but updated. So when somebody taste some of our wines, clearly identify its origin is Rioja.

Bottling landscape. Vinos de pueblo

We want to make wines with good fruit, fresh and with the personality and character of this terroir. In short, wines smelling landscape. We like calling them “vinos de pueblo”, where there was no make- up for wines.

Share experiences

But a trip, only allows you to be satisfied when you share it with friends. And nothing more gratifying than to share this journey, filled with experiences with you.

Therefore, and since wine is culture and indeed an entire experience, our concept of the wine world makes us go beyond sharing unforgettable experiences with you through this virtual meeting place for us to enrich everyone. As if it were a poem …

We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.