On a special mountainside at 800 meters, we rendezvous. I’m jealous of the Sun that each day caresses you. Although its touch makes you so beautiful, my dear… And there you are, growing better each year. In silence I contemplate your beauty that shines through. My wonderful Dama, I never want to lose you…

The vineyard is the beginning of everything, and it is where we try to strive for a healthy grape, mature, and then be interpreted in a good wine with minimal intervention as possible, and based on natural techniques with complete respect for the environment, which is what mantien us alive.

Currently, we own 16 hectares of vineyards, of which 8 are of the variety Tempranillo (native variety par excellence). The rest is divided between Grenache, Graciano, Mazuelo in red varieties, and Viura, Malvasia and Calagraño in the white varieties.

In recent years we are working Grenache with very good results, because we think that, in our area, the Grenache is the best grape variety for expressing the “terroir”.

We believe in the potential of old vines of Grenache. Our plots has been already cultivated by our grandfather and we have incorporated other plots of very old Grenache (over 100 years) in height (some to over 850 meters).

All our range of wines has more than 50% Grenache and some wine to 100%, productions are very low and are aged mostly in barrels of 500 liters to respect the essence of the wine and the wood doesn’t hide them.

We want to make wines with good fruit, fresh and with the personality and character of this terroir. In short, wines smelling landscape. We like calling them “vinos de pueblo”, where there was no make- up for wines.


Without a high quality raw material is impossible to make a good wine. We are convinced that the wine is made in the vineyard and not in the winery. So, in the cellar all we try is to respect the grapes coming from the vineyard, working carefully and avoiding too influence.

We are not agreed on Crianza or Reserva categories, settled by the Consejo Regulador, because we believe that the most important is the grape. Also because of that, we choose the volume of the barrels and the time spent in barrel depending on each wine and not on external regulations. Because all the grapes are different and every year is different in terms of weather, conditions of ripening, the analytical parameters, etc. we cannot consistently apply the same process to the wine every year.

The wine is not like coca-cola where there is a recipe that inspires all the process.  Our task is listening the wine and provide it what it needs when is needed.